The Killebrew Ag Foundation Apprenticeship Program 

Agriculture, the backbone of America’s economy, is facing a significant challenge – a declining population of farmers. To combat this worrisome trend, the Killebrew Ag Foundation has introduced an innovative initiative to introduce and nurture young farmers. The Killebrew Ag Foundation Apprenticeship Program aims to provide aspiring farmers with hands-on experience, mentorship, and financial support, ultimately revitalizing the agricultural sector. Key program goals include:

  • Nurturing a New Generation of Farmers
  • Experienced Mentorship
  • Financing Opportunities
  • Mitigating Risks with Crop Insurance
  • Categorizing Loan Allocation
  • Hands-On Experience

Applications Will be Open Again in Spring 2025
The two-year program is flexible and is designed to meet the needs of both the mentor and apprentice. Apprentices will earn a base salary and housing is available at some locations. The cost of housing may vary and will be determined by the host/mentor.  The application process will include one or more interviews with a farm mentor and others associated with the Killebrew Ag Foundation. Participation in both classroom sessions and land -based learning will be required during the program. An assessment of skills will be conducted 3 times per season, conducted by apprentice and mentor. Apprentices will have opportunities to share information and network. They will provide farm labor and will participate in a variety of tasks to gain a broad skill set. Applications from outside of Mississippi will be considered, but priority will be given to Mississippi applications.