Keath Gwin Killebrew, Sr.

Hopes for the Future

In order to preserve the art of farming, our goal is to start a residential Academy aimed at teaching our students how to use their hands, heart and mind to learn and use innovative farming techniques.

Keep our youth in farming by creating an agricultural movement for the next generation. 

Keath began his journey as a farmer putting his hands in the soil and watching as life grew in front of his eyes. But, as the years went by, Keath realized that the greatest gift he could give would be to teach others what he knew so that they could come together, as a community, and end up stronger and healthier as a result of their new knowledge and shared hard work.


Keath was in the process of bringing his goals to fruition when he suddenly passed away.  However, he left behind a loving family who have devoted themselves to keeping Keath’s mission alive.  


That is how we hope the Killebrew Foundation (Killebrew Academy, SEK, Keath Killebrew Charisma Award) will be birthed.


SEK and Killebrew Academy both teach young men and women exactly what both Iranaeus and Keath knew.  They knew that through learning the ins and outs of agriculture and helping people be the best version of themselves,  individuals  can grow into confident and strong young men and women who not only can provide for themselves, but can teach those around them and lift each other up as a group.  As it is through helping themselves and helping each other that God and all of his gifts are truly realized and appreciated.

Keath’s Photography of the Fields



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